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Choosing the Right Chute Blocker: Foot Pedal Operated vs. Hand Lever Operated

Choosing the Right Chute Blocker: Foot Pedal Operated vs. Hand Lever Operated

Foot Pedal Operated vs. Hand Lever Operated Chute Blocker

Choosing the Right Option with GrassFlap

Selecting a chute blocker for your commercial zero-turn mower involves deciding between foot pedal-operated and hand lever-operated options. In this blog, we will show why the foot pedal option is the superior choice for your landscaping solutions. 

GrassFlap is a foot pedal operated chute blocker that is the top choice of many lawn care professionals.

Using foot pedals instead of hand levers offers several advantages for chute blockers. Here are some of the reasons why foot peals suit so many professional requirements.


Foot Pedal Operated Chute Blocker

The GrassFlap's foot pedal-operated chute blocker is a convenient and easy-to-use attachment.

Our foot pedal is easy to use, letting you control the chute blocker's opening and closing effortlessly.

You can press onto the mower's controls while switching between blocked and open modes. This helps you focus on mowing and reduces distractions, making it safer and more efficient.


Advantages of Foot Pedal Operation

Hands-free operation means better control and agility of the mower. Lawn mowers with GrassFlap foot pedals eliminate the need to bend and use a hand lever, preventing tiredness. This is especially useful on bigger mowers, where reaching the hand lever can be challenging. This added convenience encourages operators to close the blocker more often. 


Perks of Using Foot Levers Instead of Hand Levers

Ease of Use: Users can quickly open or close the chute-blocking function to make necessary on-the-go changes. 

Operator Safety: Operators can maintain proper posture while activating the chute blocker with a foot. The pedal reduces the risk of accidents or injuries.

Good for mowing around flowers or water, allowing control over clippings to protect plants and prevent mess.


GrassFlap Offers the Best Foot Pedal for You

When you choose a foot pedal from GrassFlap, you will enjoy the highest quality, durability, and performance standards. 

Our chute blockers fit a wide range of commercial zero-turn mowers, providing reliable and efficient blockage of the discharge chute. 

GrassFlap specializes in chute blockers for zero turn mowers and dedicates itself to offering high-quality products.

Our versatile selection is sure to fit your specific requirements!


About GrassFlap

After identifying a recurring issue during his years of mowing with different types of lawnmowers. David created and founded GrassFlap.

From Farmall tractors to zero-turn mowers, David found a recurring issue—the need to manage the direction of grass clippings.

It was difficult to keep the initial GrassFlap model aligned while mowing and using a manual chute blocker. After experimenting with bent rods and bungee cords, we created a foot-operated chute blocker! 

The GrassFlap has improved its style and design over time. It is now easy to connect to any zero-turn mower. Additionally, it has changed the way chute blockers work.

Find the perfect GrassFlap for your mower on our website using our Lookup Tool. Experience innovation and convenience. Follow us on social media to stay updated on all things GrassFlap!

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