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The Best Discharge Chute

wright mowers

The GrassFlap foot-operated discharge chute is compatible with Wright Mowers, providing an innovative solution to grass clippings and debris management. The GrassFlap allows for easy, hand-free operation, providing a more efficient and productive mowing experience. 
Wright GrassFlaps
Compatible Wright Mowers

Compatible Wright Mowers

Wright Stand On Mowers - Stander X, Stander ZK, Stander I, Stander B, Stander LG, all deck sizes

Wright Zero Turn Mowers - ZTO, ZXL and ZXT, all deck sizes

Wright Walk Behind Mowers - Velke LC & Velka HC (requires drilling for pedal installation), all deck sizes.

GrassFlap Lookup

GrassFlap Discharge Chute Features

The Best Chute Blocker | GrassFlap

why grassflap?

No electric motor, no mechanical linkage to get jammed, reliable and fast operation, no handle to get hung on bushes, does not required drilling holes in deck to mount.

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Please email with the following information: mower brand, type, deck size, name, model year and a few photos of your foot deck and discharge opening.

We will get back to you to answer your questions and, if needed, to help you select a unit for your mower.

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