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Blocker Plates

GrassFlap provides two options for your mower's blocker plate: Steel and Poly. Each material comes with its own set of pros and cons. The blocker plate is essential as it covers the discharge opening of the mower to prevent grass clippings from being scattered.

The steel blocker plate has the advantage of being formable either at the factory or during installation without the need for heat, and it sustains less damage if it comes into contact with the mower blade. However, it is harder to modify during installation, more costly to replace, and more challenging to repair if bent.

On the other hand, the poly blocker plate is lightweight and can be easily shaped using standard woodworking tools. Its flexibility means it's less prone to permanent deformation from minor impacts. The downside is that it is more susceptible to damage if it collides with the mower blade, although it is cheaper to replace than its steel counterpart.

In summary, when choosing between steel and poly for your mower's blocker plate, consider the balance between durability and ease of modification, as well as the cost of potential replacements.

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