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Why GrassFlap?

Commercial Zero Turn Mowers | Quick Chute

GrassFlap is the only all-mechanical foot operated OCDC that completely clears the edge of a mower deck when in the open position. When it is closed, GrassFlap adds only ¾ inch (2 cm.) to the width of the mower deck. The GrassFlap attachment has been developed through years of actual use in the field. The design makes it incredibly easy to operate. Rugged construction makes it tough. As a mowing professional, you will appreciate how easy it is to operate and how much simpler it makes mowing in restricted areas.

Most discharge chute blockers operate with a hand lever, which can get in the way. Lever operated blockers accumulate debris and become difficult to operate, which means you use it less and less. GrassFlap’s clean design is based on a pivoting motion, so there’s no slide to get jammed. The mechanical cable connects the pedal to the flap—this lets you find the position of the blocker plate with the feel of your foot. GrassFlap makes it very easy for you to control and feather the discharge of lawn clippings.

There’s no question that when it comes to an OCDC promising reliability, durability, ease-of-use, and greater mowing efficiency, the foot-operated GrassFlap is the obvious First Choice!

GrassFlap Lookup

How We Started

David Luking, GrassFlap Founder

For me, cutting grass is fun, and having good equipment makes it even better. Over the years, I have cut grass with everything from a Farmall tractor with a belly mount mower to the latest zero turn riders. In the old days, I would blow grass "in" for the first few rounds, and then turn it around and start blowing the grass "out" so it didn't pile up.

Then we got a professional walk-behind mower, and everything changed. I didn't have to cut in squares any more; I could turn on a dime; I could cut strips and patterns. Nothing was the same—nothing except that I still had to manage where I blew the grass clippings.

We bought a chute blocker and took it home to install. We dumped all the pieces out and started trying to fit it onto our mower. Nothing fit. It all had to be modified; It was not good. We returned it, and I made one myself! It was hand operated from the drive position, and it worked great.

Our next mower was a zero-turn that I modified so the chute blocker would fit. Again, this flap also was hand operated. With practice, we learned to let go of the hand controls in order to flip the chute open or closed. It worked, but it was hard to do and still stay in line while you mowed. The next season, I figured out how to operate the flap with a foot pedal. It was crude—a barn door hinge, a bent rod, a bungee cord—and there it was. 

With the flap and foot pedal, it was now possible to close the discharge chute any time, any place. I couldn't believe how many times I would use it in a single yard: passing a tree, passing a flowerbed, passing someone trimming. I even found myself closing it just to turn at the end of a pass, to keep from blowing grass into the next yard. By the time the mowing season was over, the pedal had evolved. It now was made of formed steel, the flap had welded pivots, and the unit would bolt on to any zero-turn mower. The GrassFlap was now a reality!

meet the team

GrassFlap Team
GrassFlap Daivd

David Luking

David Luking is co-owner of GrassFlap, along with his son Ben and daughter Rebecca. As owner, he takes a hands-on approach to running the business, designing and building new products, and personally answering customer calls. 

After spending 45 years in manufacturing, production, and design, David launched Grassflap in 2011. Yet, the original idea behind GrassFlap goes way back to when he used push mowers and tractors during Ben and Rebecca’s high school and college years. 

Not only does he love designing new products, David truly enjoys helping customers find the lawn equipment that is right for them. It’s not uncommon for customers to come back and share with him that GrassFlap products are the best aftermarket purchases they’ve ever made. When David hears this, it fills him with pride!

GrassFlap Rebecca

Rebecca Rowan

Rebecca Rowan is co-owner and COO at GrassFlap. 

Rebecca is integral to day-to-day company operations—she helps it all happen and come together! She answers customer emails, arranges sales meetings, manages all bills of materials (BOM) and inventory, along with all business accounting responsibilities for GrassFlap.

Rebecca began working full-time for GrassFlap in 2017, though she played a pivotal role in its beginnings, including designing our company logo. She truly enjoys helping customers find what meets their lawn care needs, and exploring how GrassFlap can help improve their lawn business and lawn care needs at home.

GrassFlap Ben

Ben Luking

Ben Luking is co-owner and Production Manager at GrassFlap. His daily duties include managing inventory and product assembly, along with preparing finished goods. 

In 2004, Ben launched a lawn care and landscaping business that has evolved into a successful tree care operation. His years of mowing experience have provided him with first hand insight into the types of products that can help improve the overall mowing experience. 

Ben loves working alongside his family at GrassFlap. And if he is out and about and sees a GrassFlap in use, he’ll even stop and ask the customer about their experience!

GrassFlap maggie

Maggie Luking

GrassFlap production, assembly, and order fulfillment are Maggie Luking’s primary team specialties. She pulls together each top-quality part and component culminating in a final GrassFlap mower attachment. Maggie supports the operation with her expertise in safely packing and shipping your GrassFlap, along with every order leaving our production facility each day.

Her favorite part of the job? Knowing the GrassFlap products she assembles arrive at customers’ doorsteps ready to make their mowing experience both more efficient and effective. Not to mention, Maggie also loves working alongside her family, especially her husband.

GrassFlap | Get To Know The Team

Coco Luking

The heart and soul of our team—Coco Luking, of course. Our family’s four-legged friend alerts everyone when a guest has arrived, greets each delivery and pick-up driver, eats lots of treats, and boosts morale! 

Coco makes up for her lack of industry experience with refined expertise in taking naps, watching people work, greeting everyone, being VERY photogenic, and eating treats.

Her favorite part of the job is lying in freshly cut grass, running through mulch beds free of grass clippings (thanks GrassFlap!), and eating treats (did we already mention that?). 

Additionally, Coco enjoys looking out the receiving door, riding on the golf cart, and being spoiled by various delivery drivers. (P.S. Jeff is Coco’s favorite driver.)

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