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  • The Benefits of All-Steel Blocker Plates
    November 29, 2023 David Luking

    The Benefits of All-Steel Blocker Plates

    In lawn care, the equipment operators use matters as much as their skills in getting results. One example is GrassFlap™ all-steel blocker plate, which is made ready to fit onto commercial zero-turn mowers.  An all-steel blocker plate is tough and long-lasting....

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  • What Does a GrassFlap Do?
    September 15, 2023 David Luking

    What Does a GrassFlap™ Do?

    What is a GrassFlap™? The GrassFlap™ is a versatile attachment designed specifically for commercial zero-turn mowers. People commonly refer to this innovative product as a chute blocker, grass blocker, or quick chute. The GrassFlap™ is an adjustable shield that allows operators...

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