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Grassflap Instructional videos

The GrassFlap Instructional Videos are the perfect guide for anyone looking to install a GrassFlap on their zero turn mower. With clear and concise instructions, these videos cover everything from the installation process to maintenance and operation. You'll receive step-by-step guidance and expert tips to ensure that your GrassFlap is working at optimal performance.

Brand Specific Installation Videos

Bradley Mower Installation Videos

Bradley Stand-on Mower

Bradley 36" Stand-On Mower

TEF Pedal Installation on Bradley Stand-on Mower with 48", 52" OR 61" Deck

TEF Pedal Installation on Bradley Stand on Mower is 36" deck

Exmark Installation Videos

Turf Tracer Mower with Accelerator drop on Collector

Ferris Mower Installation Videos

Ferris FW15 Mower

Hustler Mower Installation Videos

Hustler Surfer Pro Mower GrassFlap Installation with Foot Pedal

Hustler Surfer Pro Mower GrassFlap Installation with Hand Lever

John Deere Mower Installation Videos

John Deere Mower with 7-Iron Deck

Scag Mower Installation Videos

Scag Mower No-Drill Mount

Scag SFC with 30'' Deck

Scag SWZT Mower Pedal Mount

Scag SWZT 48" with All Steel Blocker Plate

Scag SWZT36 36" Walkbehind Mower

Scag V-Ride II 61 inch Mower

Spartan Mower Installation Videos

Spartan 48" Zero Turn Mower GrassFlap Installation

Toro Mower Installation Videos

Toro Grandstand Mower

Wright Mower Installation Videos

Wright Stander B 32 inch Mower OCDC

Wright Stander I 36" Mower

Wright Stander B 36 Mower

Wright Stander ZK 52" Mower

Wright ZXL 61" Mower

Wright Stander X 52" Mower

General Installation Tips

Tips for First Time GrassFlap installation

Operating the Pedal

Set Pedal Height & Adjust Spring Tension

Form the Heavy-Duty Plastic Blocker Plate

Install Cable on Pedal

Install Cable on Pedal with Built In Stop

Install Clevis Pin on Flap End

Spring Mount Installation

General Videos

Hand Lever

Heavy-Duty GrassFlap

Maintain your GrassFlap

Mulch Leaves using the GrassFlap


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