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What Does a GrassFlap Do?

What Does a GrassFlap™ Do?

What is a GrassFlap™?

The GrassFlap™ is a versatile attachment designed specifically for commercial zero-turn mowers. People commonly refer to this innovative product as a chute blocker, grass blocker, or quick chute.

The GrassFlap™ is an adjustable shield that allows operators to control grass clippings and other debris. Installing a GrassFlap™ will reduce your clean-up time and enhance the look of a lawn.


The Benefits of GrassFlap™ for Zero Turn Mowers

A chute blocker keeps clippings out of flower beds, tree lines, and mulch areas, off sidewalks and driveways.

The GrassFlap™ allows operators to discharge clippings as needed, making it adaptable to different mowing conditions.

Without a GrassFlap™, traditional zero-turn mowers may discharge clippings into flower beds, ornamental features, or other sensitive areas. 

Besides enhancing operator safety, a GrassFlap™ also minimizes the change of objects flying towards people and helps prevent property damage.


How GrassFlap™ Functions?

It is simple: You push your foot down on a foot pedal, and the chute blocker opens at your convenience. Release your foot from the foot pedal, and the chute blocker will stay open. Press your foot on the pedal again, and the chute blocker will close again. You can also apply lighter pressure on the foot pedal to hold the chute half open. 

Check out our how-to video on operating the GrassFlap™ for a visual demonstration. 

All kinds of zero-turn mower brands and sizes can fit GrassFlap™ different foot pedals. Typically, you install it on the mower deck using bolts or brackets.

This intuitive foot-pedal design ensures that operators can close and open the chute blocker quickly and easily during mowing operations.

Operators can block the chute fully or just partially.

We recommend regularly inspecting the attachment for any signs of wear or damage, and promptly replace worn-out parts. Following the maker's maintenance and storage guidelines to extend your GrassFlap™ lifespan. This will help the unit to deliver exceptional results for years to come.


Choosing the Right GrassFlap™

Different mower brands and models may require specific GrassFlap™ models. Check the maker's guidelines to see what GrassFlap™ works for you. 

All GrassFlap™ products are user-friendly and require minimal maintenance. 

Our models also offer simple installation procedures, intuitive control mechanisms, and easy access for cleaning or repairs. 

For feedback on different GrassFlap™ models, check out user reviews. May come from professional landscapers and mowing professionals.

Their firsthand experiences can provide valuable information regarding the durability, ease of use, and effectiveness of different GrassFlap™ options. 

For expert advice, contact trusted dealers and distributors who specialize in zero-turn mower accessories. They can help you select the ideal GrassFlap™ for your lawnmower.

We know that many GrassFlap™ users love our products and are confident that you will find glowing recommendations wherever you look!


GrassFlap™: An Essential Tool for Professionals and Homeowners

Investing in a GrassFlap™ model and understanding its operation improves your mowing capabilities. Integrate a GrassFlap™ with your zero-turn mower to optimize its capability for efficiently achieving finely manicured lawns.

Remember, regarding commercial zero-turn mowers, the GrassFlap™ is your key to mowing success!

Should you have any questions, please reach out to us to learn more about our recommended line of chute blockers.

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