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The Best Chute Blocker for Commercial Lawn Care

The Best Chute Blocker for Commercial Lawn Care

Chute Blockers for Commercial Lawn Care 

Whether you're in the commercial lawn care business or simply take pride in keeping your lawn looking professionally maintained, you likely appreciate a perfectly striped mowing pattern. Striping often requires mowing with a lawnmower’s discharge chute pointed toward areas where you do not want lawn clippings to accumulate. 

An essential piece of equipment for preventing clippings for reaching these areas is a chute blocker. A chute blocker is a device that can be attached to the side of your mower, effectively blocking the discharge chute. This allows you to redirect the clippings away from areas such as flower beds, sidewalks, and driveways. 

When properly operated, an Operator-Controlled Discharge Chute (OCDC) reduces the amount of clippings in undesired areas and minimizes the risk of property damage or injuries. 

Other alternatives for managing clippings include mulch kits, which finely cut grass clippings for easier absorption by the lawn, and utilizing different bagging systems to collect clippings during mowing. 

While mulching and bagging are viable, widely used options, they can be more time-consuming and require additional effort when compared to using a chute blocker. For individuals and lawn care businesses mowing multiple lawns per day on a daily basis, and busy families keeping up with lawn care on a frequent basis, a chute blocker is a valuable upgrade that saves users time and effort. 

Numerous chute blockers are available on the market, and it can be challenging to determine the best option for your mowing needs. Here are some key features to consider when making your decision.

  1. For maximum convenience and frequent use, choose a chute blocker that is easy to use from the operator’s position.
  2. Avoid obstacles and choose a chute blocker that doesn’t overhang the mower deck. 
  3. Opt for a chute blocker that is easy to repair in case of damage, ensuring convenient maintenance and longevity. 


Our GrassFlap™

Our GrassFlap™ chute blocker is an incredibly popular choice among both lawn care professionals and homeowners. Developed through years of field experience, its simple design features a one-of-a-kind foot operation, unlike others that are hand lever or twist handle operated. The GrassFlap™ is a durable chute blocker that easily bolts onto the side of your mower. It effectively blocks the chute using a simple push and release motion of the foot pedal. There are several sizes available to fit a variety of mower decks. The GrassFlap™ is constructed from reliable, durable materials selected for their ability to withstand frequent, heavy use. 

With its foot operated design, GrassFlap™ chute blocker eliminates the need to remove your hands from the mower’s steering controls, ensuring seamless operation. The simple push and release operation allows you to maintain your focus on steering and mowing. Compared to a hand lever, this cleaner, simpler option provides easier control over the discharge opening. Foot control enables feathering of the chute blocker while moving, turning, and slowing down. This results in less downtime, straighter lines, and few clippings in flower beds and driveways. Now, there’s no need to make the choice between steering around obstacles or closing off the chute—with GrassFlap™, you can do both simultaneously. 

The GrassFlap™ key feature is ease of adjustability, allowing users to quickly change the angle of the chute blocker and direct the clippings as desired. This eliminates the need for extra passes to keep clippings away from landscaping beds and cars, reducing clean-up time and minimizing property damage. Compatible with various mowers, GrassFlap™ clean design prevents jamming while providing control over the direction of lawn clippings. 


Installing Your GrassFlap™

GrassFlap™ offers a variety of different options for installation, and many units may be purchased with no-drill options allowing the chute blocker to bolt directly to the mower deck. Installation can be completed in as little as 15 minutes and depends on the mower type. We provide step-by-step installation and operation videos online, along with paper instructions included in the kit. 

If you own and operate a lawn care business, your customers will appreciate consistently impressive striping patterns and fewer clippings in their flower beds, on their cars, and home’s siding. You will appreciate saving valuable time with less blowing and eliminating double cutting. Your crew will appreciate fewer clippings blowing around, along with less time walking the yard for clean-up. Easy foot operation is a win all the way around.


About GrassFlap™

Founded and created by David Luking, GrassFlap™ addresses a common problem he discovered while spending many years mowing grass with nearly every type of lawnmower. From Farmall tractors to zero-turn mowers, David discovered a recurring issue—the need to manage the direction of grass clippings.

After creating the first GrassFlap™prototype, the challenges of maintaining alignment while mowing and using a hand-cranked chute blocker became evident. After experimenting with bent rods and bungee cords, the concept of a foot-operated chute blocker was born! 

Throughout the years, the GrassFlap™ has undergone significant style and design advancements, allowing it to easily attach to any zero-turn mower and revolutionize the concept of chute blockers.

Discover the innovation and convenience of GrassFlap™ on our website—and use our Lookup Tool to find the perfect unit for your particular mower. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay updated on all things GrassFlap™!

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