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413T70-6-A3 Low Profile Heavy-Duty GrassFlap with RE Pedal Includes No-Drill Mount & Pedal Mounting Plate

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Low Profile Heavy-Duty GrassFlap with SE Pedal Includes No-Drill Mount & Pedal Mounting Plate

The GrassFlap is the ideal OCDC, operator controlled discharge chute. The foot-operation allows the user to close the discharge chute at any time, any place without taking their hands off the mower’s controls. The chute blocker plate opens a full 180 degrees and completely clears the edge of the mower to allow the mower to fit in those tight spaces. The GrassFlap fits most zero-turn mowers.



  • Hands-Free operation
  • Opens 180 degrees to completely clears edge of deck
  • No handles or levers to get hung on limbs and shrubs
  • Most Drop-on baggers will fit with GrassFlap installed

What's Included

The kit includes everything needed to install and operate the GrassFlap. This includes the flap that mounts to the discharge opening, the SE Pedal, a 70 inch cable, no-drill mount, pedal mounting plate, and all mounting hardware needed for installing. 

The RE Pedal has the cable exit out the rear of the pedal. 



Assembly is required, including drilling holes at discharge opening and on operator foot deck. Modification to blocker plate size and shape may be required for best fit on some mowers. 


Accessories are optional hardware that can make installation easier or eliminate the need to drill your deck. Available for limited number of brands. The link below will take you to the page showing the accessories.   Accessories can also be found under Shop>Accessories.

GrassFlap Mounting Accessories

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