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41P70-5 Low Heavy-Duty Profile GrassFlap with SE Pedal

41P70-5 Low Heavy-Duty Profile GrassFlap with SE Pedal

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GrassFlap Mounting Accessories

Low Profile Heavy-Duty GrassFlap with SE Pedal.

The GrassFlap is the ideal operator controlled discharge chute. The foot-operated OCDC allows the user to close the discharge chute at any time, any place without taking their hands off the mower’s controls. The chute blocker plate opens a full 180 degrees and completely clears the edge of the mower to allow the mower to fit in those tight spaces. Many drop on baggers can still be used with the GrassFlap remaining on the mower.

The SE Pedal has the cable exit the pedal parallel to mounting surface. The pedal is ideal for use on Stand-on mowers and some sit down riders.

The kit includes a blocker plate, 10 inch flap mount, SE Pedal, 70 inch cable and all mounting hardware .  Spring mount is set forward and is adjustable to point cable higher or lower as needed to clear mower deck and frame. Some assembly is required. Requires drilling holes in mower deck and operator foot deck to install.

The GrassFlap can fit most zero-turn mowers.

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