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  • Push foot pedal to open or close chute blocker
  • Stays in open or closed position without holding foot pedal
  • Feather clippings by pushing foot pedal a little

Foot operation makes clean-up quicker and reduces flying objects when closed. Foot operation makes the GrassFlap an idea chute blocker for use around landscape, roads and other workers. The best OCDC for all commercial mowers.

What is a Grass Flap?


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GF on JohnDeere Stander

What is the Grassflap?

The GrassFlap is a Foot Operated Discharge Chute Blocker (OCDC) that fits Zero Turn Riders, Walk Behinds and Standers.

  • Reduce Clean-Up Time
  • Keep Flower Beds Clean
  • Keep Grass Off Fences And Trees
  • Quote More Work
  • Reduce Customer Complaints
  • Reduce Risk Of Injury And Property Damage

``Use it because you want to, not because you have too.``

David Luking

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What People Say

Gerald Tatum
“I love the grass flap. I’m telling you if it broke today I would be driving to you same day to get parts. I don’t think I could mow without it!!!”
Arthur Sanford
“This is great.  Been using the Grass Flap for a few months now. I use it from 10 to 40 times on a yard.  It eliminates all those opportunities for home owner complaints about grass going every where. I really love how I can control the throw of the clippings by just holding it open a little bit.”
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