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GrassFlap, LLC is dedicated to making and selling only quality products for mowing professionals. Our designs have been field-tested by local mowing crews to ensure that they work. Durability, convenience, and fair-pricing are important.

Why GrassFlap?

Cutting grass is fun, and having good equipment makes it even better. Over the years, I have cut grass with everything from a Farmall tractor with a belly mount mower to the latest zero turn riders. In the old days, I would blow grass "in" for the first few rounds, and then turn it around and start blowing the grass "out" so it didn't pile up.

Then we got a professional walk-behind mower, and everything changed. I didn't have to cut in squares any more; I could turn on a dime; I could cut strips and patterns. Nothing was the same, nothing except that I still had to manage where I blew the grass.

We bought a chute blocker and took it home to install. We dumped all the pieces out and started trying to fit it on our mower. Nothing fit; It all had to be modified; It was not good. We returned it, and I made one myself. It was hand operated from the drive position, and it worked great.

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